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A Will Eternal

Author: Er Gen

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Updated: 2021-10-01 20:35:31

Latest chapter: Epilogue

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《A Will Eternal》Latest chapter
Chapter 1314: His Choice
Chapter 1313: An Oil Lamp And An Ancient Temple
Chapter 1312: The Left Side
Chapter 1311: A Will Eternal
Chapter 1310: With A Stir Of Will, Tribulation Appears
Chapter 1309: Seeing God
Chapter 1308: Guidance. Beginning.
Chapter 1307: Starting Poin
Chapter 1306: Merciless Allheaven
Chapter 1305: The Mortal Renegade Perishes
Chapter 1304: Finger Of Allheaven!
《A Will Eternal》' main text
Chapter 1314: His Choice
Chapter 1313: An Oil Lamp And An Ancient Temple
Chapter 1312: The Left Side
Chapter 1311: A Will Eternal
Chapter 1310: With A Stir Of Will, Tribulation Appears
Chapter 1309: Seeing God
Chapter 1308: Guidance. Beginning.
Chapter 1307: Starting Poin
Chapter 1306: Merciless Allheaven
Chapter 1305: The Mortal Renegade Perishes
Chapter 1304: Finger Of Allheaven!
Chapter 1303: Bitter And Desperate
Chapter 1302: Essence of the Eternal
Chapter 1301: That’s It?
Chapter 1300: Never-Ending Turtle
Chapter 1299: Restoring Allheaven
Chapter 1298: Battle of Time
Chapter 1297: Battle Of Space
Chapter 1296: The Starry Sky Is The Furnace
Chapter 1295: Hourglass Precious Treasure
Chapter 1294: Fighting The Mortal Renegade
Chapter 1293: Eyes Open!
Chapter 1292: Dao Clones
Chapter 1291: The Mortal Renegade Awakens!
Chapter 1290: Was It Worth It?
Chapter 1289: A Bitter Figh
Chapter 1288: Eternal Eye
Chapter 1287: Ambitious And Ruthless
Chapter 1286: Song Que!
Chapter 1285: The Saint-Emperor Emerges
Chapter 1284: Single Sparks
Chapter 1283: Bai Xiaochun’s Dao
Chapter 1282: A Legendary Life
Chapter 1281: The Pas
Chapter 1280: One Bite....
Chapter 1279: Apprentice Of The Mortal Renegade
Chapter 1278: Another Encounter With Heavenspan
Chapter 1277: The Opposite Can Too!
Chapter 1276: Wake Up!
Chapter 1275: Archaean Fleshly Body!
Chapter 1274: The Bell Tolls For The Eternal
Chapter 1273: The Far Ends Of The Eternal River
Chapter 1272: Searching For The Eternal Mother
Chapter 1271: Something Is Wrong
Chapter 1270: Family
Chapter 1269: Go Home
Chapter 1268: What A Drag
Chapter 1267: Meteorites Bind The World
Chapter 1266: Dantian Region
Chapter 1265: Sovereign
Chapter 1264: Defeating The Ancestor!
Chapter 1263: Sixth Volume!
Chapter 1262: Honey Trapping
Chapter 1261: The Ancestor
Chapter 1260: Repairing The Seal
Chapter 1259: One Thing After Another!
Chapter 1258: Perishing
Chapter 1257: Are You Really Cursing Me?
Chapter 1256: Trident of Emperors
Chapter 1255: Archaean Battle
Chapter 1254: You Wanna See?
Chapter 1253: The Return!
Chapter 1252: Resurrecting Bai Hao!
Chapter 1251: Thirty-Colored Flame!
Chapter 1250: Domineering
Chapter 1249: All For My Apprentice!
Chapter 1248: Handling The Immortal Imperatrix
Chapter 1247: Overacting
Chapter 1246: Be Good Now, Xiao Chi
Chapter 1245: A Ship. A Corpse.
Chapter 1244: The Worldly Daoist’s Tenacious Focus
Chapter 1243: Becoming An Archaean!
Chapter 1242: Eternal Spiri
Chapter 1241: The Mortal Renegade
Chapter 1240: Valley Of Black Clouds
Chapter 1239: That Year
Chapter 1238: Absorbing Memories
Chapter 1237: To Die With Regrets
Chapter 1236: Burial Rain
Chapter 1235: Immortal Imperatrix
Chapter 1234: Fourth Divine Ability
Chapter 1233: Sovereign Of Antiquity
Chapter 1232: Gravitational Enlightenmen
Chapter 1231: World Of Hourglasses
Chapter 1230: Hourglass Precious Treasures
Chapter 1229: Old Paper Woman
Chapter 1228: Paper World!
Chapter 1227: White Lamp
Chapter 1226: A Journey Through The Void!
Chapter 1225: Thank You, Sweetie
Chapter 1224: Don’t Be Scared, Daddy
Chapter 1223: Frustrated Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 1222: Steadily Stronger
Chapter 1221: Sutra of Future Paramita
Chapter 1220: What About This Name?
Chapter 1219: Dragon And Phoenix; Auspicious Fortune
Chapter 1218: A Child Is Born!
Chapter 1217: Joy Turns To Sorrow
Chapter 1216: Strong Blood
Chapter 1215: Aggrieved Master God-Diviner
Chapter 1214: Uncle Li Gave It To Me
Chapter 1213: Back To The Beginning!
Chapter 1212: A Bug
Chapter 1211: Scare You Into Submission!
Chapter 1210: Help Me, Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 1209: Reunions
Chapter 1208: Shaking All Creation
Chapter 1207: I'm Really Ou
Chapter 1206: Archaean Luminescence
Chapter 1205: Shaking The Vile-Emperor!!
Chapter 1204: I Hereby Challenge You To A Duel!
Chapter 1203: This Immortal Domain Is Mine!
Chapter 1202: Crushing!
Chapter 1201: The Return!
Chapter 1200: Curious Bai Xiaochi
Chapter 1199: Vile-Emperor? Hah!
Chapter 1198: Archaean Slaves
Chapter 1197: Sovereign Precious Treasure!
Chapter 1196: The Other Half Of The Fan
Chapter 1195: Late Celestial Realm
Chapter 1194: Achieving Desires
Chapter 1193: Defending Against The Vile-Emperor!
Chapter 1192: Executing The Vile-Prince!
Chapter 1191: Finally... Outdo You....
Chapter 1190: Get In My Way? Die!
Chapter 1189: Furiously Charging Into Battle
Chapter 1188: More Fury!
Chapter 1187: Slaughtering A Celestial!
Chapter 1186: Fury!
Chapter 1185: Plundering
Chapter 1184: Tell me! What's Your Name!?
Chapter 1183: I Passed?
Chapter 1182: Are You Ready?!
Chapter 1181: Swear You Won’t Change My Surname!
Chapter 1180: The Spirit Automaton Makes His Move
Chapter 1179: A Reunion Before The Storm
Chapter 1178: Twenty-Two-Colored Flame
Chapter 1177: A Severed Arm In The Void
Chapter 1176: Succession
Chapter 1175: He Smiled
Chapter 1174: Hidden Killing Inten
Chapter 1173: Returning From A Rewarding Journey
Chapter 1172: Windfall
Chapter 1171: A Free Dog
Chapter 1170: Please Behave Yourself, Vile-Prince!
Chapter 1169: The Vile-Prince Throws A Banque
Chapter 1168: A Big Secret!
Chapter 1167: A Reunion
Chapter 1166: Battle Level
Chapter 1165: Who’s Afraid Of Who?
Chapter 1164: Ambassador Of The Saint-Emperor Dynasty
Chapter 1163: I Ate It!
Chapter 1162: What About The Tail?
Chapter 1161: How Dare You Mess With My Good Friend!
Chapter 1160: Charge!
Chapter 1159: Shhh
Chapter 1158: Want To Fight Me, Little Spirit Automaton?
Chapter 1157: Him! It’s Definitely Him!
Chapter 1156: Gone!?
Chapter 1155: Got I
Chapter 1154: The Perfect Opportunity!
Chapter 1153: Breaking The Formation
Chapter 1152: Fighting
Chapter 1151: Celestial Pill
Chapter 1150: Fighting Daoist Heavenspan
Chapter 1149: Feeding The Egg Sac
Chapter 1148: Drastic Upheaval
Chapter 1147: Despicable, Shameless, Incorrigible
Chapter 1146: Kill You? Exactly!
Chapter 1145: Difficult To Deal With
Chapter 1144: How Dare You Extort Me!
Chapter 1143: Sutra of Present Life and Death
Chapter 1142: Present Will
Chapter 1141: Mid Celestial Realm
Chapter 1140: The Destruction Of Murknine County!
Chapter 1139: Fatty Bai....
Chapter 1138: Are You Crazy, Bai Xiaochun!?
Chapter 1137: Intense Fighting
Chapter 1136: Massive Crater
Chapter 1135: Murknine County
Chapter 1134: Creepy Village
Chapter 1133: The Crisis Of Murknine
Chapter 1132: An Unexpected Turn Of Events
Chapter 1131: Succubus Queen
Chapter 1130: Get Away, Vixens!
Chapter 1129: Come Home
Chapter 1128: Startled
Chapter 1127: Grandmaster Zhou?
Chapter 1126: Hit The Nail On The Head....
Chapter 1125: Archaean Soul
Chapter 1124: Just Go, Sir
Chapter 1123: What Sin Did We Commit?
Chapter 1122: Next Up...!
Chapter 1121: Xiaochun Makes A Move!
Chapter 1120: Who’s Patriarch Mystery Pill?
Chapter 1119: The Dark Concocters
Chapter 1118: Autonomous Mistysea Prefecture
Chapter 1117: I’ll Definitely Destroy You, I Swear I
Chapter 1116: Dao Essence Of Life And Death
Chapter 1115: An Open Door
Chapter 1114: Very Strange....
Chapter 1113: Lord Of The North
Chapter 1112: What Do You Want?
Chapter 1111: The Grand Heavenmaster’s Three Strategies
Chapter 1110: Reuniting With The Grand Heavenmaster
Chapter 1109: Confrontation And Compromise
Chapter 1108: Forced Defamation
Chapter 1107: Xiaochun Makes A Scene
Chapter 1106: Crazed
Chapter 1105: Agree? Or Not?
Chapter 1104: Intolerable Bullying
Chapter 1103: Keep A Low Profile
Chapter 1102: He's Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 1101: Bullying Me?!
Chapter 1100: I Must Keep A Low Profile
Chapter 1099: A Key
Chapter 1098: Twelve Celestials
Chapter 1097: It Was Definitely You, Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 1096: The Return of Virupaksa
Chapter 1095: I’d Rather Die
Chapter 1094: You Tricked Me?
Chapter 1093: An Invitation
Chapter 1092: Too Kindhearted
Chapter 1091: I’ll Add Some More!
Chapter 1090: Taken Advantage Of
Chapter 1089: The Despair of Celestial Virupaksa
Chapter 1088: So, I'm The Guardian
Chapter 1087: Force My Way In....
Chapter 1086: Enhance The Fan?
Chapter 1085: I Hate Cheaters!
Chapter 1084: Legacy Destiny!
Chapter 1083: Sovereign Energy
Chapter 1082: Come On, Hit Me!
Chapter 1081: Ready To Set Ou
Chapter 1080: Arriving At The Damaged Fan
Chapter 1079: I'm A Bit Under The Weather, Saint-Emperor....
Chapter 1078: The Damaged Fan Hits!
Chapter 1077: Time Immemorial Codex!
Chapter 1076: Forging A Personal Dao!
Chapter 1075: Daoseed
Chapter 1074: All Creation Notified Of A Celestial!
Chapter 1073: Celestial Tribulation!
Chapter 1072: The Lotus Flower Wilts....
Chapter 1071: There Are Still Lotus Roots....
Chapter 1070: Bai Xiaochun Made Me Do It!
Chapter 1069: The Turtle’s Spoils
Chapter 1068: Keep Your Voice Down!
Chapter 1067: Good Stuff
Chapter 1066: Lotus Banquets
Chapter 1065: Parole Captain
Chapter 1064: You’re Gonna Regret This....
Chapter 1063: Your Fish, Your Majesty....
Chapter 1062: Something Big
Chapter 1061: Come With Me, Heavenly Dragonfish
Chapter 1060: Crazed Dragonfish
Chapter 1059: Intolerable Bullying
Chapter 1058: You Ate It!?
Chapter 1057: Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You!
Chapter 1056: A Duke
Chapter 1055: A Grand Spectacle
Chapter 1054: Saint-Emperor City
Chapter 1053: Please, Come In!
Chapter 1052: Ill Intentions
Chapter 1051: Will
Chapter 1050: That Crappy Dad Of Yours....
Chapter 1049: Reconstructing The Dao Heart!
Chapter 1048: Sweetie
Chapter 1047: Awaken!
Chapter 1046: Sealing Mark
Chapter 1045: Miserable Ghost Face
Chapter 1044: Do Something Momentous!!
Chapter 1043: Stupefying Battleship
Chapter 1042: Fierce Battle With Ghostmother
Chapter 1041: Another Encounter With Ghostmother!
Chapter 1040: Did Locusts Sweep Through?
Chapter 1039: Killing A Preceptor!
Chapter 1038: A Sword To Shake Seventeen Prefectures
Chapter 1037: Hope Arises
Chapter 1036: The Ruling Ghostmother
Chapter 1035: Decree From The Vile-Emperor
Chapter 1034: Congratulations, Father-In-Law
Chapter 1033: An Old Friend. The First.
Chapter 1032: Robbing Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 1031: A Bit Of Warmth
Chapter 1030: A Story, An Eavesdropper
Chapter 1029: Scholar Bai
Chapter 1028: Heavens Destroyed, Earth Decimated!
Chapter 1027: Tenth Daogate
Chapter 1026: Peerless Daoist Magic!
Chapter 1025: Live Forever Lamp!
Chapter 1024: One Glance Abyss Crystallization
Chapter 1023: Heavenspan Daogates
Chapter 1022: Four Beasts!
Chapter 1021: Crocodilian Head!
Chapter 1020: About To Begin!
Chapter 1019: The Aura Of The Arch-Ancestor!
Chapter 1018: The Despair Of Arch-Emperor City
Chapter 1017: I Still Hate You!
Chapter 1016: There Was Never A Worldgate!
Chapter 1015: Eternal Turtle
Chapter 1014: Just A Bi
Chapter 1013: Three Kowtows Of Gratitude
Chapter 1012: Blood Ancestor, Resurrected!
Chapter 1011: Raging Blood Qi
Chapter 1010: Fiery Apocalypse
Chapter 1009: Twenty-Two-Colored Flame!
Chapter 1008: How Could You Be So Selfish?
Chapter 1007: A Teardrop
Chapter 1006: Reasons
Chapter 1005: A Second Chance
Chapter 1004: Your Destiny!
Chapter 1003: Another Showdown!
Chapter 1002: The Hand Of The Celestial
Chapter 1001: Truce. No fighting.
Chapter 1000: Heaven-Defying Regeneration!
Chapter 999: Fighting A Demigod!
Chapter 998: I Will... Make You Stop!
Chapter 997: I'm Back
Chapter 996: Arriving At Giant Ghost City!
Chapter 995: The Most Powerful Of All Devas
Chapter 994: I Can Definitely Stop This....
Chapter 993: Anxious!!
Chapter 992: Returning To The Ice Plains
Chapter 991: Demigod Fleshly Body!
Chapter 990: Hang In There....
Chapter 989: Grim Circumstances
Chapter 988: The Great Circle!
Chapter 987: The War Escalates
Chapter 986: Dead?
Chapter 985: Thrashing The Old Ghost....
Chapter 984: Crazed Ghos
Chapter 983: It’s Not Fair!
Chapter 982: Come And Fight, You Spineless Ghost!
Chapter 981: A Bit Of Energy Lef
Chapter 980: Everyone's A Liar
Chapter 979: I’m Gonna Skin You Alive!
Chapter 978: Shattered Mirror!
Chapter 977: All Mine!
Chapter 976: Father And Daughter
Chapter 975: He's Already Here
Chapter 974: Drastic Occurrences
Chapter 973: An Answer
Chapter 972: Deja Vu
Chapter 971: Thrown Ou
Chapter 970: Xiaochun Overturns The Heavens!
Chapter 969: I've Had Enough Of You People!
Chapter 968: Detonation!
Chapter 967: The Lightning Order, Astonished
Chapter 966: Why Are Young People Nowadays So Reckless?
Chapter 965: Stop Annoying Me
Chapter 964: I Have A Divine Ability, Old Pal!
Chapter 963: What?! Aaaiiiieee!
Chapter 962: Locked Up!
Chapter 961: Voracious Moonflower
Chapter 960: I Can Still Plant Flowers
Chapter 959: Four-Point Covenan
Chapter 958: I’ll Sell Medicine!
Chapter 957: The Celestial’s Apprentice!
Chapter 956: Three-Point Covenan
Chapter 955: Menacing And Overbearing
Chapter 954: The Hostile Northerners
Chapter 953: She Awakens!
Chapter 952: The Bone Galleon Sets Sail!
Chapter 951: Bai Xiaochun’s Oath
Chapter 950: One Divine Ability After Another!
Chapter 949: As Arrogant As Him!
Chapter 948: The Deadmire
Chapter 947: Reasons
Chapter 946: You’re Not Hou Xiaomei!
Chapter 945: First Time Here?
Chapter 944: I Took A Wrong Turn...
Chapter 943: A Copper Coin!!
Chapter 942: Frustrated Master Cloud Lightning
Chapter 941: That Form Of Address....
Chapter 940: Not Meant For Each Other....
Chapter 939: Split Them Up!
Chapter 938: Moonflower
Chapter 937: He’s Still A Child
Chapter 936: Terror-Stricken By The News
Chapter 935: Godkiller
Chapter 934: What Divine Ability Is That?!
Chapter 933: You’re Doing This On Purpose
Chapter 932: Are You Egging Me On?
Chapter 931: He Couldn’t Be The Celestial, Could He?
Chapter 930: Hi There, Little Fei
Chapter 929: What’s The Big Deal?
Chapter 928: Bullying Me?!
Chapter 927: Evil Intentions
Chapter 926: Land Of Dangers!
Chapter 925: Let The Trial By Fire Begin!
Chapter 924: A Lock Of Father-In-Law’s Hair
Chapter 923: Just Like Old Times
Chapter 922: Who Is Du Lingfei?!
Chapter 921: The Noble Du Lingfei!
Chapter 920: Longing For Defea
Chapter 919: What Trouble Is He Here To Stir Up?
Chapter 918: A Different Type Of Deva
Chapter 917: Different Means To The Same End
Chapter 916: Big Fatty Zhang’s Dream
Chapter 915: Setting Sail
Chapter 914: The Unpredictable Human Hear
Chapter 913: The Demigod Returns
Chapter 912: Everyone Moves
Chapter 911: Doubts!
Chapter 910: Must Concoct Antidote!
Chapter 909: Breakup Pill....
Chapter 908: He Left?
Chapter 907: Like A Fish Back In Water
Chapter 906: Sun-Moon Vast-Sky Incantation
Chapter 905: Stop Joking Around, Xiaochun
Chapter 904: You Dropped Something, Fellow Daoist Bai
Chapter 903: It’s A Misunderstanding....
Chapter 902: It Wasn’t Me! It Wasn’t!!!
Chapter 901: Chen Hetian
Chapter 900: Take It Out On Chen Hetian!
Chapter 899: Returning To The Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sec
Chapter 898: Keep Her Safe....
Chapter 897: Hold My Breath Today, Awaken Tomorrow
Chapter 896: Undying Blood!
Chapter 895: Breaking The Shackle
Chapter 894: Deva Pill!
Chapter 893: Demigod Dharmic Decree!
Chapter 892: The Shock Of The Hall of Steel Veins
Chapter 891: Quintuple Power Undying Fist!
Chapter 890: Valiant!
Chapter 889: Not As Fast As Me!
Chapter 888: Think You Can Leave?
Chapter 887: Deva!
Chapter 886: Heavenly Twenty-One-Colored Flame
Chapter 885: Throw Them Outside!
Chapter 884: Black Clouds Gather!
Chapter 883: The Hall of Steel Veins Mobilizes!
Chapter 882: The Fury of Devas
Chapter 881: This Is My First Time!
Chapter 880: See What This Is, Xiaochun?
Chapter 879: Que'er! What Are You Doing Here?
Chapter 878: Eternity
Chapter 877: Things Change, People Stay The Same
Chapter 876: Back Home
Chapter 875: A Heavy Load And A Long Road
Chapter 874: Shake Down A Sect?
Chapter 873: Xiaochun?
Chapter 872: Eruption
Chapter 871: Uneasy!
Chapter 870: Let The Battle Resume!
Chapter 869: Incomparably Mighty!
Chapter 868: To Battle!
Chapter 867: Fleshly Body Destruction!
Chapter 866: It’s Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 865: How Dare You People!
Chapter 864: Won’t Count For Crap!
Chapter 863: Give It Back
Chapter 862: Dangerously Unstable
Chapter 861: A Woman Combing Her Hair
Chapter 860: A Ghost!
Chapter 859: Mural. Live Forever.
Chapter 858: The Bizarre Bone Galleon
Chapter 857: River-Defying Sect In Peril
Chapter 856: Singing From The Bone Galleon
Chapter 855: Journey Of Three
Chapter 854: Is That?
Chapter 853: You Absolutely, Positively Must Not Crush That!!!
Chapter 852: You Owe Me An Explanation, Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 851: Why Won’t You Accept It, Song Que?
Chapter 850: Calm Down, Que'er....
Chapter 849: Is This Some Sort Of Mistake...?
Chapter 848: Farewells
Chapter 847: Taking Off The Mask
Chapter 846: The Hell-Emperor’s Successor
Chapter 845: Shaking The Wildlands
Chapter 844: Undying Bones Skyrocke
Chapter 843: The Celestial’s Blood-Hair
Chapter 842: I'm Not Really That Outstanding....
Chapter 841: Master, Save Me!
Chapter 840: Lock Of Blood Hair!
Chapter 839: Unmatchable Battle!
Chapter 838: What Right Do You Have To Withhold Your Approval!?
Chapter 837: The Celestial Cometh!
Chapter 836: Daoist Magic Of Heaven And Earth!
Chapter 835: Cause And Effec
Chapter 834: The Hell-Emperor Cometh!
Chapter 833: Ow... Oww....
Chapter 832: Second Deadly Blow!
Chapter 831: Experts Unite!
Chapter 830: That’s Not Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 829: Ghostform Lifedrain
Chapter 828: Save Me, Father-In-Law!
Chapter 827: You Broke My Teddy Bear
Chapter 826: Late Nascent Soul Stage
Chapter 825: Risking It All!
Chapter 824: Full Scale Retreat!
Chapter 823: Sweetie
Chapter 822: Xiaochun Makes A Move!
Chapter 821: Can’t See Me....
Chapter 820: Intense Fighting
Chapter 819: Fishing!
Chapter 818: It’s Her!
Chapter 817: Bai Xiaochun?!
Chapter 816: Nineteen-Colored Flame
Chapter 815: Advancing By Leaps And Bounds
Chapter 814: If You Have Any Questions....
Chapter 813: Great-Grandpa Gravekeeper....
Chapter 812: There’s... Someone There!
Chapter 811: A Pet....
Chapter 810: I'm Going To Miss You All!
Chapter 809: We’re Both Fellow Masters
Chapter 808: If You’ve Got What It Takes, Bring It On!
Chapter 807: Earthly Soul Flame Tribulation
Chapter 806: Shaking The Dukes And Marquises!
Chapter 805: Conjuring Flame In The Hall!
Chapter 804: Ganging Up
Chapter 803: Think You Can Take Me On?
Chapter 802: Summons From The Grand Heavenmaster
Chapter 801: Is This Some Kind Of Joke?
Chapter 800: Master And Apprentice Reunited
Chapter 799: You Tricked Me, Bai Hao!
Chapter 798: I’ll Give You Ten Breaths Of Time!
Chapter 797: Killing And Crushing!
Chapter 796: Fighting Into The Zhou Clan!
Chapter 795: A Clue!
Chapter 794: Even The Heavenly Duke Bites His Tongue!
Chapter 793: Heavenly Duke Clan
Chapter 792: The Talk Of The Town
Chapter 791: This Bai Hao Is A Madman
Chapter 790: Universal Grace Begins!
Chapter 789: Silver-Armored Corpse Trooper
Chapter 788: Proclamation of Universal Grace!
Chapter 787: Vicious Plan Of The Bastards!
Chapter 786: Grand Heavenmaster, Your Humble Servant Has A Plan!
Chapter 785: Warmth From The Giant Ghost King
Chapter 784: Raging Murderous Aura
Chapter 783: Dramatic Events!
Chapter 782: Conjuring Eighteen-Colored Flame
Chapter 781: Dark Undercurrents Appear
Chapter 780: Shakedown Addiction
Chapter 779: Poor Child
Chapter 778: Seizing Every Opportunity
Chapter 777: The Formula For Eighteen-Colored Flame!
Chapter 776: You’re Screwed....
Chapter 775: This Bai Hao Is A Good-For-Nothing Wretch....
Chapter 774: Your Majesty, I Snatched A Deva Soul!
Chapter 773: The Reigning Arch-Emperor
Chapter 772: If You’ve Got What It Takes, Fight!
Chapter 771: Ancestral Sacrifices
Chapter 770: Your Humble Servant Has A Plan
Chapter 769: I Dare You To Try That Again, Heavenly Duke Chen
Chapter 768: Pit Of 10,000!
Chapter 767: Do You Know Who My Uncle Is?!?!
Chapter 766: A Howl From The Rear Courtyard
Chapter 765: I Very, Very, Very, Very Much Like To Grow Flowers
Chapter 764: Fighting In The Li Clan!
Chapter 763: Do You Admit To Your Crimes?
Chapter 762: I Heard You’re Good At Shakedowns!
Chapter 761: Recognize Me?
Chapter 760: The Powers Of The Inspections Commissioner!
Chapter 759: We're All On The Same Team
Chapter 758: Don’t Tell Me This Place Is Haunted?!
Chapter 757: Do You Or Do You Not Dare?!
Chapter 756: I'm... The Inspections Commissioner?
Chapter 755: I'm Not Bai Hao....
Chapter 754: Deva Shapes Heavenly Will
Chapter 753: The Wildlands Beat Me!
Chapter 752: Deva-Level Fist Strike!!
Chapter 751: Imperial Clan Secret Spell Formation
Chapter 750: Ninth Stratum!
Chapter 749: Like A Hot Knife Through Butter!
Chapter 748: Xiaochun Gets Pissed Off!
Chapter 747: Get Rid Of The Evil Scourge!
Chapter 746: Who’s Blackie?
Chapter 745: Back Again....
Chapter 744: Grandmaster Bai!
Chapter 743: Shaking The Whole City!
Chapter 742: Breaking New Ground
Chapter 741: Flame Harmony!
Chapter 740: Evenly Matched
Chapter 739: A Wager!
Chapter 738: I Challenge You To A Duel!
Chapter 737: Good People Go The Extra Mile
Chapter 736: Controlling The Rhythm Of Things
Chapter 735: Stop, All Of You!
Chapter 734: Keep Your Voice Down!
Chapter 733: Poison....
Chapter 732: Nothing But Business Warfare
Chapter 731: Stuck In The Middle
Chapter 730: The Princes Make A Move
Chapter 729: Can’t Get You To Submit?
Chapter 728: Who Gives A Crap About Heavenly Dukes?!
Chapter 727: I Absolutely Detest Cheaters
Chapter 726: Calculating The Bill Wrong
Chapter 725: Get Him The Hell Out Of Arch-Emperor City
Chapter 724: The Tree Might Long For Peace, But The Wind Will Never Cease
Chapter 723: Bring In A Shill...?
Chapter 722: Sticking Together To Survive
Chapter 721: A Spirit Enhancement Shop
Chapter 720: Hell-Emperor’s Fis
Chapter 719: Master, Look Up There....
Chapter 718: Don’t Do Something You’ll Regre
Chapter 717: Master Has A Lot Of Experience?
Chapter 716: A Wise Man Knows To Back Down When The Odds Are Against Him
Chapter 715: I'm Your Fiance....
Chapter 714: Red Dust Blows Upon My Face As I Walk The Road To The Capital
Chapter 713: Arch-Emperor City!
Chapter 712: Huh? What’s The Rush...?
Chapter 711: Xiaochun Erupts....
Chapter 710: Playing Dumb
Chapter 709: Master’s Name
Chapter 708: I'm Your Master!
Chapter 707: Destiny Brought Us Together....
Chapter 706: Stupefied Giant Ghost King
Chapter 705: What Exactly Did You Do...?
Chapter 704: I'm Back!
Chapter 703: RUN!
Chapter 702: Dropped Onto The Ground....
Chapter 701: Putting A Half-Deva In His Place!
Chapter 700: I Can Still Break Through!
Chapter 699: Who’s The Grindstone!?
Chapter 698: Secret Magic Of The Imperial Clan
Chapter 697: Get Back Here, Bai Hao
Chapter 696: Undying Emperor's Fist!
Chapter 695: Crushing Everyone!
Chapter 694: A Soul!
Chapter 693: An Eagle Catching Baby Chickens....
Chapter 692: You Screw Me, I Screw You!
Chapter 691: No, I Want Revenge!
Chapter 690: King Giant Ghost, You Fudge-Licking Prick!
Chapter 689: They Want To Kill Me?!
Chapter 688: An Old Friend
Chapter 687: Don’t Worry, Your Highness!
Chapter 686: He Wants To See Me Again?
Chapter 685: The Ghost King Orchid Blooms
Chapter 684: More Power
Chapter 683: Are You Stupid, Bai Hao!?
Chapter 682: Changes
Chapter 681: Kill Them!
Chapter 680: Humiliation
Chapter 679: This Is Outright Robbery!
Chapter 678: Smuggling Is Useless
Chapter 677: Study Away, Majordomo Bai...
Chapter 676: Shakedown
Chapter 675: The Old Pervert!
Chapter 674: A Huge Sensation
Chapter 673: Crazed By A Rise In The Rankings.
Chapter 672: The Hell-Emperor Stele Shakes All Creation!
Chapter 671: Cooking Oneself
Chapter 670: Invincible To Mortal-Dao Nascent Soul!
Chapter 669: Heaven-Dao Nascent Soul!
Chapter 668: Goal: Heaven-Dao Nascent Soul!
Chapter 667: Majordomo Bai
Chapter 666: Bring Me The Rebels!
Chapter 665: Many Pretenses Can Be Seen Through, But Not Flattery
Chapter 664: Game Over
Chapter 663: Scared But Not Terrified!
Chapter 662: I’m Only Doing This To Save You, Old Pal
Chapter 661: Escaping Giant Ghost City!
Chapter 660: Ghost King's Soul Blood!
Chapter 659: Extravagantly Wasteful Battle
Chapter 658: Blood, Sweat And Tears
Chapter 657: Ninety-Nine Times!
Chapter 656: A Lot!
Chapter 655: Myriad Children Blood Banner
Chapter 654: What A Malicious Restrictive Spell!
Chapter 653: This Guy’s Crazy!
Chapter 652: Demigod Soul Detonation!
Chapter 651: How Brilliant, Patriarch
Chapter 650: Miserable Giant Ghost King
Chapter 649: Human Shield
Chapter 648: How Exciting....
Chapter 647: Clean Him Out!
Chapter 646: The Giant Ghost King's Game!
Chapter 645: Rebellion!
Chapter 644: A Secret!
Chapter 643: Powerful Lu Shiyou
Chapter 642: Decree From The Heavenly King!
Chapter 641: Smells Like Treasure
Chapter 640: The Confident Giant Ghost King!
Chapter 639: Just Kill You?
Chapter 638: Cai Clan Elder
Chapter 637: Fully Equipped With Treasures
Chapter 636: Fourteen-Colored Flame: Success!
Chapter 635: How Do You Deal With Me?
Chapter 634: Recognizing Me Won’t Do You Any Good!
Chapter 633: Two Birds, One Stone
Chapter 632: Once The Heavens Change
Chapter 631: Too Domineering
Chapter 630: Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 629: Dominating Cellblock D
Chapter 628: Splitting The Loot....
Chapter 627: Promoted To Inquisitor...
Chapter 626: I Hope You'll Break The Record
Chapter 625: Pure Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 624: Captain, What Exactly Are They Going Off To Do?
Chapter 623: Facing The Facts
Chapter 622: Devil Penitentiary
Chapter 621: Fly Off Into The Sunset....
Chapter 620: Giant Ghost City
Chapter 619: Decree From The Heavenly King
Chapter 618: Another Battle With A Deva!
Chapter 617: The Patriarch Arrives
Chapter 616: I Want Him Alive
Chapter 615: Captured Alive!
Chapter 614: Father Bai Flabbergasted
Chapter 613: Heavens!
Chapter 612: Crushing Father Bai
Chapter 611: Time To Die, Unfilial Bastard
Chapter 610: Fleeing The Bai Clan
Chapter 609: The Patriarch Makes A Move
Chapter 608: Let The Show Begin
Chapter 607: Conjuring Flame For An Audience
Chapter 606: Collecting The Deva Soul
Chapter 605: Felled By A Palm
Chapter 604: If You Kill Me, You're A Traitor!
Chapter 603: Damn You, Bai Hao!
Chapter 602: Take What I Wan
Chapter 601: Take Your Pick, Fifth Young Lady
Chapter 600: Deva Soul
Chapter 599: The Ancestral Land Opens
Chapter 598: Preaching Ignorantly Of The Dao
Chapter 597: Condemned By Law!
Chapter 596: Bai Xiaochun's Answer!
Chapter 595: Bite My Tongue
Chapter 594: Assessment During The Ceremony
Chapter 593: Cold Father Bai!
Chapter 592: I Don’t Understand!
Chapter 591: Magical Rain Of Fire
Chapter 590: Endless Rain Of Fire
Chapter 589: Placing Hope In The Ancestral Land
Chapter 588: Exposing The Malefactor!
Chapter 587: How Very Disappointing Of You
Chapter 586: I Want Him Dead!
Chapter 585: Peerless Talent!
Chapter 584: A Clue!
Chapter 583: Bai Hao, Bastard Son
Chapter 582: Bai Clan, East Outskirts
Chapter 581: Trump Card
Chapter 580: Demigod Soul!
Chapter 579: Rebranding The Mask!
Chapter 578: Terrestrial Necromancer!
Chapter 577: Bullying....
Chapter 576: I'm Looking At You!
Chapter 575: Spirit Enhanced Nascent Soul!
Chapter 574: Successor Of The Hell-Emperor
Chapter 573: Help Me, Fellow Daoist Bai!
Chapter 572: I Refuse To Believe!
Chapter 571: Just Who Exactly Are You!?
Chapter 570: Flame Conjuring Techniques
Chapter 569: Make It Stop!
Chapter 568: Bring It On! Let’s See Who’s Scared Of Whom!
Chapter 567: I Hate People Named Bai!
Chapter 566: Necromancy and Spirit Enhancement Are The Same!
Chapter 565: Necromancers!
Chapter 564: A Fated Pair....
Chapter 563: Vanished Without A Trace
Chapter 562: Beast Claw Shreds All!
Chapter 561: Deva Soul Merger!
Chapter 560: What Was That Thing!?
Chapter 559: Beaten But Not To Death
Chapter 558: Big Sis Red-Dust, Let Me Explain
Chapter 557: Deva Soul In Hand!
Chapter 556: Third Level!
Chapter 555: The Pinnacle!
Chapter 554: Profoundly Mysterious!
Chapter 553: Spirit Enhancement?!
Chapter 552: Realm Of Trials By Fire
Chapter 551: I’ll Be A Good Boy....
Chapter 550: There’s... Something On My Back!
Chapter 549: Your Comeuppance Is At Hand, Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 548: I’ll Take Off Now... Sshhh....
Chapter 547: Sshhh....
Chapter 546: An Arrow With A Golden Design!
Chapter 545: I'm Zhou Yixing, You Moron!
Chapter 544: Sacrifice Of Flesh And Blood!
Chapter 543: Blood-Soaked Buns
Chapter 542: Red Heads, Green Heads, Our Favorites Are The White Heads....
Chapter 541: Red Hats, Green Hats, We’re A Bunch Of Little Hats....
Chapter 540: Nine-Colored Flame
Chapter 539: Ill Intentions
Chapter 538: Run, Xiaochun
Chapter 537: Devil Bai Is Here!
Chapter 536: Intolerable Bullying!
Chapter 535: Roster
Chapter 534: News About A Deva Soul!
Chapter 533: Something Big
Chapter 532: Wronged!
Chapter 531: It’s Like Looking At Myself
Chapter 530: A New Move
Chapter 529: The Riches Of World City
Chapter 528: He’s Just A Kid
Chapter 527: You're The Major General?!
Chapter 526: New Major General?
Chapter 525: Proud Song Que
Chapter 524: Taking Command Of The 3rd Corps
Chapter 523: Promoted To Major General!
Chapter 522: The True Spirit Protects Its Food
Chapter 521: Turning In The Vengeful Souls
Chapter 520: Black Pillar Of Light!
Chapter 519: Huge Soul?!
Chapter 518: It's All To Become A Major General!
Chapter 517: A Deva?
Chapter 516: Kill Me First!
Chapter 515: Be A Good Boy And Take The Medicinal Pill
Chapter 514: I'm An Army Officer, Fool!
Chapter 513: This Soul Is For The Giant Ghost King!
Chapter 512: Bring It On! Who Dares To Make A Move!?
Chapter 511: They Can’t See Me!
Chapter 510: Highway Robbery!
Chapter 509: My Own Mission
Chapter 508: Don’t Tell Me I Have To Seduce Mistress Red-Dust...?
Chapter 507: I Have To Become A Major General!
Chapter 506: The True Undying Hex!
Chapter 505: Great Circle of Gold Core!
Chapter 504: The Five Legions Compete
Chapter 503: Promotion To Colonel!
Chapter 502: How Is This Possible!?
Chapter 501: Trying To Defeat A Nascent Soul Expert!
Chapter 500: Battle Prowess That Shocks The Masses!
Chapter 499: Frigid Domain!
Chapter 498: Who Else Wants To Die!?
Chapter 497: Going All Out!
Chapter 496: I'm Friends With Your Commanding Officer
Chapter 495: Devil Bai
Chapter 494: Not The Time To Fear Death
Chapter 493: Soul Convergence Power!
Chapter 492: Battle Of A Hundred Tribes
Chapter 491: Drum Of The Celestial Warrior!
Chapter 490: It Could Be!
Chapter 489: Assassination Attempt!
Chapter 488: The Might Of The Pill!
Chapter 487: Major Progress With The Soul Convergence Pill!
Chapter 486: Worldwide Death Warrant For Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 485: Aphrodisiac Pill To Shock All Creation!
Chapter 484: Bai Xiaochun’s Fury!
Chapter 483: I’ll Make Your Pill Furnaces A Thing Of The Past!
Chapter 482: Ji Feng
Chapter 481: Lining One’s Pockets....
Chapter 480: Promotion To Lieutenan
Chapter 479: Thirteen!
Chapter 478: Do You Know What You’ve Done, Bai Xiaochun?
Chapter 477: What Magical Items Were They?!
Chapter 476: It’s Gonna Blow!
Chapter 475: This Old Guy Offended Me
Chapter 474: What Could Possibly Go Wrong When Concocting Medicine?
Chapter 473: You’re Bullying Me Too!
Chapter 472: Conscripted For Ten Years!
Chapter 471: Do You Really Want To Join The Skin Flayers?
Chapter 470: Who Said I’m Scared?
Chapter 469: Necromancers!
Chapter 468: Savage Giants!
Chapter 467: The Skin Flayers
Chapter 466: The Incredible Great Wall!
Chapter 465: Wildlands Cloudgyre
Chapter 464: Bones of Giants
Chapter 463: World City
Chapter 462: You People Just Wait!
Chapter 461: Disembarking
Chapter 460: The One With The Spine
Chapter 459: Confession Of Love....
Chapter 458: I Can’t Take It Anymore, Xiaochun
Chapter 457: Elder Brother Zhao, You’re Hurt!
Chapter 456: Mysterious White Shadow
Chapter 455: Elder Sister, Hear Me Ou
Chapter 454: Don't Worry, I’ll Take Care Of Everything
Chapter 453: I’ll Do Whatever You Say, Xiaochun!
Chapter 452: Infinitely Changeable Chosen
Chapter 451: Love Saint Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 450: Win Charm!
Chapter 449: So, You’re That Kind Of Person....
Chapter 448: Junior Brother Bai, A Word Please?
Chapter 447: The Return Of The Unclean Thing!
Chapter 446: Dinner? Tonight?
Chapter 445: Finally, I Can Get Some Real Food
Chapter 444: 1st Place Zhao Tianjiao
Chapter 443: Boarding
Chapter 442: Du Lingfei Appears In Person!
Chapter 441: Soul Hunting Expedition
Chapter 440: The Extraordinary River-Defying Sec
Chapter 439: I Only Have A Wish
Chapter 438: Cultivation Base Breakthrough!
Chapter 437: The Kingdom Crushes The Statue
Chapter 436: Battling Gongsun Wan’er!
Chapter 435: The Power Of The Soul Convergence Pill!
Chapter 434: Challenging The Trials Again!
Chapter 433: Twelve Hours
Chapter 432: Wracked With Anxiety!
Chapter 431: Master, Spare Me!
Chapter 430: I Can Too!
Chapter 429: Meld With The Mountain
Chapter 428: Don’t Try To Convince Me!
Chapter 427: Bullies!
Chapter 426: A Naughty Bridge
Chapter 425: Pissing Off The Guardian
Chapter 424: Trial Of Skill
Chapter 423: No Stopping
Chapter 422: He’s Swimming?
Chapter 421: How Warm!
Chapter 420: You Look Down On Me!
Chapter 419: Respect The Rank
Chapter 418: All Mountains Have Spirits
Chapter 417: The Ravine of Endless Mountains
Chapter 416: Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars
Chapter 415: Who Dares To Try To Take Bai Xiaochun’s Poor Little Life?!
Chapter 414: Xiaochun, The Hall Of Devil Slayers Is Your Home
Chapter 413: This Sect Treats Me Grea
Chapter 412: Xiaochun’s Indignation
Chapter 411: Are You... Talking About Me?
Chapter 410: A Surprise For Feng Youde!
Chapter 409: Going On A Mission....
Chapter 408: This Square!
Chapter 407: Hall of... of Devil Slayers?
Chapter 406: Sky Quarter
Chapter 405: Promotion....
Chapter 404: I'm A Hostage!
Chapter 403: How Dare You Try To Hurt Me!
Chapter 402: Threatening Home!
Chapter 401: Incredible Gall!
Chapter 400: Que'er, It's You!
Chapter 399: Song Que’s Dream...
Chapter 398: Mid Gold Core Stage!
Chapter 397: Live Forever Tavern
Chapter 396: Comeback Time!
Chapter 395: Seeing Du Lingfei Again!!
Chapter 394: Sky Quarter Rainbow
Chapter 393: File A Grievance....
Chapter 392: Dao Protector Reunion
Chapter 391: Are You Fellow Daoist Zhang Dahai?
Chapter 390: Kidnap Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 389: People Can Live Like This?
Chapter 388: The Rise Of The Azure Dragon Society
Chapter 387: Fantasy Pills
Chapter 386: Why Aren’t You Kowtowing!?
Chapter 385: Running Into Master God-Diviner
Chapter 384: Schemes and Tricks
Chapter 383: Attracting Attention
Chapter 382: Ultra Fasting Aid Pill!
Chapter 381: Out Of Options
Chapter 380: I'm Hungry
Chapter 379: Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sec
Chapter 378: I’ll Be Back!
Chapter 377: The Celestial!
Chapter 376: An Uninvited Gues
Chapter 375: Bai Xiaochun’s Dao Protectors....
Chapter 374: Hostage!
Chapter 373: Three Breaths River-Defying Pill!
Chapter 372: They’re Talking About Me!
Chapter 371: Patriarchs, Save Me....
Chapter 370: I'm Gonna Kill You, Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 369: Marks....
Chapter 368: Let Me Explain
Chapter 367: Living Mountain Incantation!
Chapter 366: Shameless! Cheater!
Chapter 365: What’s That...?
Chapter 364: You Bullies!
Chapter 363: One Should Be Enough
Chapter 362: The Legacy Competition Begins!
Chapter 361: Only One?
Chapter 360: Fine. Fine. Fine! I’ll go!
Chapter 359: Bullying Others With Force!
Chapter 358: Arrogant And Despotic!
Chapter 357: Malicious Intentions
Chapter 356: Beast King Violet Core!
Chapter 355: Bruiser’s Tribulation!
Chapter 354: Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect!
Chapter 353: The So-Called Wildlands!
Chapter 352: Come On In, Elder Brother Bai
Chapter 351: Come Hang Out In My Immortal's Cave....
Chapter 350: You’re Lying!
Chapter 349: A Love Letter....
Chapter 348: The Rabbit’s Weakness....
Chapter 347: When The Talking Rabbit Stops Repeating....
Chapter 346: The Mysterious Power Appears Again!
Chapter 345: Unclean Thing....
Chapter 344: Getting To Work
Chapter 343: No More Sky River Court; Welcome The Honorable River-Defying Sec
Chapter 342: Undying Heavenly King Core!
Chapter 341: The True Spirit Awakens!
Chapter 340: One Palm Eradicates Core Formation!
Chapter 339: Making Contact With The Second Shackle!
Chapter 338: Heaven-Dao Gold Core!
Chapter 337: Gold Sun!
Chapter 336: Battling Core Formation!
Chapter 335: Fatality!
Chapter 334: Completely Crushed!
Chapter 333: The Scream Of The Phoenix
Chapter 332: Someone’s Definitely Protecting Me
Chapter 331: Indestructible In Foundation Establishmen
Chapter 330: Locking Down the Dire Skybanyan!
Chapter 329: Attacking The Sky River Cour
Chapter 328: Dire Skybanyan!
Chapter 327: Cultivation Base Breakthrough!
Chapter 326: Destination: Middle Reaches!!
Chapter 325: The Blood Ancestor’s Eyes Open!
Chapter 324: Merge The Qi, Wake The Ancestor
Chapter 323: Gathering At The Blood Stream Sect!
Chapter 322: Trifling Toad Monster
Chapter 321: The Might Of The Eternal Parasol!
Chapter 320: Eternal Parasol!
Chapter 319: Swallowed Up
Chapter 318: Everyone In Your Family Is A Tadpole
Chapter 317: I'm The Little Turtle!
Chapter 316: The True Spirit’s Eyes Open!
Chapter 315: Secrets Of Two Sects!
Chapter 314: I Live For The Sec
Chapter 313: The Founding Of The River-Defying Sect!
Chapter 312: No One Can Handle That Responsibility Except For Me!
Chapter 311: That... Scar!!
Chapter 310: Du Xuemei Offers Greetings, Blood Master!
Chapter 309: The Profound Stream Sect Surrenders!
Chapter 308: Yin-Yang Ravens
Chapter 307: Target... Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 306: The Slash Of The Heavenhorn!
Chapter 305: Cutting Down Lin Mu
Chapter 304: Powerful Fleshly Body!
Chapter 303: Fighting Lin Mu
Chapter 302: Flaunting Strength On The Battlefield!
Chapter 301: Extremely Enraged!
Chapter 300: The Power Of The Incarnation!
Chapter 299: Re-Form!
Chapter 298: Senior Goldcroc, Listen To Me, Sir!
Chapter 297: Heaven-Damned Little Turtle, I Hate You!
Chapter 296: You're Alive?!
Chapter 295: Take Them And Have Fun!
Chapter 294: To The Front Lines
Chapter 293: Plaguedevil Wreaks Havoc!
Chapter 292: I Must... Concoct Medicine!
Chapter 291: The Middle Peak Blood Master Has Infinite Magical Powers!! The Spirit Stream Heaven-Dao Expert Can Shake The Whole World!
Chapter 290: In Profound Stream Sect Territory!
Chapter 289: Patriarchs, Send Me To The War!
Chapter 288: What Bird Is That...?
Chapter 287: Women Are Terrifying!
Chapter 286: Good... morning...?
Chapter 285: Master Thousand-Faces!
Chapter 284: Droughtflame Attacks!
Chapter 283: Now Can You People Listen?!
Chapter 282: I Really Get It!
Chapter 281: Blood Stream Sect, Stand Down This Instant!
Chapter 280: Patriarchs, Stop This War!
Chapter 279: Because I'm The Blood Master Of Middle Peak!
Chapter 278: The Blood Stream Sect... Arrives!
Chapter 277: Complete Spell Formation!
Chapter 276: Daoseed Ninth Formation
Chapter 275: Luochen Grand Spell Formation!
Chapter 274: Once Upon A Time, I Was Also A Crazy Teen!
Chapter 273: Zhou Xinqi, It’s Destiny
Chapter 272: With Bruiser On My Side, The Spirit Stream Sect Is Mine
Chapter 271: True Emptiness, the Most Wonderful Existence
Chapter 270: Thoughtful
Chapter 269: Vow To Slay Nightcryp
Chapter 268: We Believe You....
Chapter 267: You Guys Definitely Miss Me
Chapter 266: I'm Back!
Chapter 265: Knocking Sounds....
Chapter 264: Disaster Brewing....
Chapter 263: Looting The Lady’s Bedchamber!
Chapter 262: The Patriarch's Adopted Son!
Chapter 261: Come Out, Du Xuemei!
Chapter 260: The Second Blood Ancestor!
Chapter 259: A Legacy Is Memories!
Chapter 258: Blood-Colored Light From Middle Peak!
Chapter 257: Boo!?!?
Chapter 256: You’re Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 255: The Throat Crushing Grasp Again!
Chapter 254: Time’s Up!
Chapter 253: Ten Ghosts Heavenly Demon Body!
Chapter 252: You Really Can’t Blame Me This Time
Chapter 251: My Plan
Chapter 250: Die!
Chapter 249: I Can’t Believe He Ate It!!
Chapter 248: Get Away From Me, Stop Following Me!
Chapter 247: What’s That?
Chapter 246: Second Stage
Chapter 245: This Isn't Fair!
Chapter 244: Pure Malice
Chapter 243: Nightcrypt, I'm Jia Lie, And You're Dead!
Chapter 242: Trial By Fire for Blood Master!
Chapter 241: The Blood Devil is the Blood Lord!
Chapter 240: I'm Just Too Hones
Chapter 239: Should I Help Myself To A Bit....?
Chapter 238: Tier-5 Spirit Medicine!
Chapter 237: A Boom From Lesser Marsh Peak
Chapter 236: You Handle It, Shadow!
Chapter 235: Plaguedevil's Here
Chapter 234: It Really Won't Explode?
Chapter 233: Eee? Why Did You Stop Talking?
Chapter 232: The Power of Four Ghosts
Chapter 231: The Senior Generation Isn’t Perfect....
Chapter 230: What If She Uses Force?
Chapter 229: Plaguedevil’s Name Spreads Far And Wide
Chapter 228: Excuse Me... Are You Immortal Grass?
Chapter 227: Mysterious Black Smoke....
Chapter 226: Don’t Worry About Anything
Chapter 225: Come Back Home With Me, Nightcrypt!
Chapter 224: This Isn’t Betraying The Sect, Is It?
Chapter 223: Flying Furnaces Fill the Firmamen
Chapter 222: I Must Concoct Medicine!
Chapter 221: The Dao of All-Creation Plants and Vegetation
Chapter 220: Holy Pill Wall Fragmen
Chapter 219: Mid Foundation Establishmen
Chapter 218: Negotiations Fall Apart!
Chapter 217: Beast King!
Chapter 216: All-Knowing!
Chapter 215: Divination With The Snap Of A Finger!
Chapter 214: I'm Back....
Chapter 213: Piddling Master Coldsnort!
Chapter 212: The Hesitation of the Blood Stream Sec
Chapter 211: The Ultimate Vixen....
Chapter 210: Grand Elder, Please Behave Yourself!
Chapter 209: Silenced In Death....
Chapter 208: Save Me Big Sis Song
Chapter 207: Nightdevil’s Name Spreads.
Chapter 206: Dazzlingly Ferocious Reputation!
Chapter 205: What A Great Sect!
Chapter 204: Inverse Blood Ancestral Awakening!
Chapter 203: You Really Think I'm Scared Of You People?!
Chapter 202: The Rabbit Gets Nervous!
Chapter 201: I, Bai Xiaochun....
Chapter 200: Young Lady Xuemei, What A Coincidence...
Chapter 199: Xuemei’s Immortal's Cave
Chapter 198: You’re Plotting Against Me!
Chapter 197: Secret Magic of Middle Peak!
Chapter 196: A Mysterious World
Chapter 195: I Pick Big Sis Song’s Middle Peak!
Chapter 194: What Gall!
Chapter 193: Hogging....
Chapter 192: Trial By Fire at the Blood Precipice
Chapter 191: Rewards from Corpse Peak
Chapter 190: Green Zombies
Chapter 189: Hair Transformation
Chapter 188: Corpse Refinery
Chapter 187: Song Que Has An Aunt....
Chapter 186: Cultivation Paradise!
Chapter 185: Secrets of the Blood Stream Sec
Chapter 184: How Is This Possible!?!?
Chapter 183: I’ll Be Back Soon....
Chapter 182: My Precious Pearl....
Chapter 181: Uncrushable....
Chapter 180: Could It Be The Will Of The Heavens...?
Chapter 179: I’ll Tell You A Secre
Chapter 178: So Little Mask, You Want To Play Hide-And-Seek With Lord Bai?
Chapter 177: Heavenspan Dharma Eye!
Chapter 176: The Only Hidden Legacy
Chapter 175: Please Behave Yourself, Elder Brother Bai
Chapter 174: Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect!
Chapter 173: The World!
Chapter 172: I'm Sorry, Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 171: Assassinate Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 170: Goddess Lingfei
Chapter 169: Hou Yunqing Never Lies
Chapter 168: Incognito....
Chapter 167: Nine Serenities Ghost Domain!
Chapter 166: Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishmen
Chapter 165: Seizing Heavenstring Energy!
Chapter 164: So What!?
Chapter 163: No Quarter Asked, None Given!
Chapter 162: Heavenstring Energy
Chapter 161: Wreck Your Tideflow!
Chapter 160: Slaughtering Chosen!
Chapter 159: Undying Gold Skin!
Chapter 158: Spirit Stream Sect, Defend Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 157: Fighting Back!
Chapter 156: Wanna Kill Me?!
Chapter 155: Breaking The First Shackle!
Chapter 154: Striving for a Great Dao!
Chapter 153: Let The Tideflow Begin!
Chapter 152: You’re Shameless! No, You’re Shameless!
Chapter 151: You Wanna Fight Me, Bai Xiaochun?!
Chapter 150: Your Sweetie Has Something Else To Do....
Chapter 149: Whether Sect Uncle Bai Wants It To Or No
Chapter 148: Come Play With Me, Sweetie
Chapter 147: A Mystery Pill Appears!
Chapter 146: Power!
Chapter 145: Sentenced To Death!
Chapter 144: Lord Bai Is Gonna Fight You To The Death
Chapter 143: That Was Definitely On Purpose!
Chapter 142: A Host of Chosen!
Chapter 141: Fallen Sword Abyss!
Chapter 140: Foundation Establishment Holy Land
Chapter 139: I Didn’t Do It!
Chapter 138: Bruiser’s Hobby....
Chapter 137: My Battle Beast!
Chapter 136: They All Came Over
Chapter 135: The North Bank Erupts!
Chapter 134: The Spirit Is Still There.
Chapter 133: It's Not Worth Trying, Kiddo
Chapter 132: Life Essence Ancestral Awakening Blood
Chapter 131: For the Contributions!
Chapter 130: The Blooming of the Beastbirth Flower
Chapter 129: Bone Spur!
Chapter 128: Aler
Chapter 127: Soul Floating In the Void
Chapter 126: Build Up To Success
Chapter 125: The Ol’ Nightstalker Beast....
Chapter 124: Human Controlling Grand Magic
Chapter 123: Fight!
Chapter 122: I Accept This Challenge!
Chapter 121: Paper Cranes Fill the Sky....
Chapter 120: Fight Me, Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 119: It’s Spring, and I Planted My Beastbirth Seed
Chapter 118: Not A Warm Welcome....
Chapter 117: Frigid School Medicine Manual!
Chapter 116: The Founder Appears!!
Chapter 115: No! Don’t Spread That!
Chapter 114: Li Qinghou Understands....
Chapter 113: Something Really Bad.
Chapter 112: Two Hearts Intertwined, At Long Last Reunited
Chapter 111: Making Contact with the Shackles
Chapter 110: Exiled To 10,000 Snakes Valley
Chapter 109: A Light Rain on Violet Cauldron Peak....
Chapter 108: Big Fatty Zhang, Loyal Friend
Chapter 107: Lightning Detox Grand Magic
Chapter 106: Crazy Rabbit!
Chapter 105: Massive Animal Jailbreak!
Chapter 104: I Guarantee....
Chapter 103: I Want To Serve The Sect!
Chapter 102: Is Anyone Around?
Chapter 101: Waterswamp Kingdom and Protomagnetic Wings!
Chapter 100: Still Won’t Apologize To Your Sect Uncle Bai?
Chapter 99: Knock Knock
Chapter 98: Dragon Mammoth Sea-Forming Scripture
Chapter 97: I Am Big Fatty Zhang!
Chapter 96: Fighting Ghostfang
Chapter 95: That’s Not How You Use Swords!
Chapter 94: Sect Uncle Bai, We’re On The Same Side
Chapter 93: What a Useful Pill
Chapter 92: The Despair of Gongsun Wan’er
Chapter 91: The Enraged North Bank
Chapter 90: Archenemy of the North Bank
Chapter 89: Just Concede
Chapter 88: The North Bank’s Stronges
Chapter 87: Outer Sect Chosen Battles
Chapter 86: That Again....
Chapter 85: He... Took First?
Chapter 84: Unbelievable Acceleration
Chapter 83: Elder Zhou, You’re Up
Chapter 82: South Bank Chosen
Chapter 81: Will-Spirit Grand Magic
Chapter 80: The Talents of Big Fatty Zhang
Chapter 79: Xiaochun, We Believe You
Chapter 78: Are They Talking About Me?
Chapter 77: Auction
Chapter 76: Eighth Level of Qi Condensation!
Chapter 75: I’ve Been Wrongly Accused!!
Chapter 74: So, It Was Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 73: Who Did This!?
Chapter 72: The Sect Has Rules
Chapter 71: Living Prestige Scion
Chapter 70: Hey, Elder Brother Li
Chapter 69: Bai Xiaochun, Come Offer Greetings To The Young Lord
Chapter 68: Sect Nephew, Don’t Rush Off!
Chapter 67: Elder Brother, Where’s Our Master?
Chapter 66: Going Through Hell Or High Water For The Sec
Chapter 65: The Gravekeeper
Chapter 64: Morale And A Funeral
Chapter 63: Crushing The Luochen Clan!
Chapter 62: Killing a Chicken With a Battle-Axe!
Chapter 61: Fatal Attack!
Chapter 60: Fierce Life-or-Death Battle
Chapter 59: You Die, I Live!
Chapter 58: The Cornered Beast Fights!
Chapter 57: You Have To Stay Alive!
Chapter 56: Sticking Together for Survival
Chapter 55: Crown Prince Chen Heng!
Chapter 54: Principles!
Chapter 53: Bravery!
Chapter 52: Luochen Betrayal
Chapter 51: Elder Brother Feng, Such A Good Guy!
Chapter 50: Bizarre Courtyard
Chapter 49: Luochen Clan
Chapter 48: The Big Wide World
Chapter 47: Xiaochun Ventures Out Of The Sec
Chapter 46: Mission For The Hall Of Justice!
Chapter 45: I Could Kill You, Easy!
Chapter 44: The Sun Is Rising
Chapter 43: Slow... So Slow....
Chapter 42: Promotion Tes
Chapter 41: The Effectiveness of Spirit Enhancemen
Chapter 40: Pursuing the Pinnacle
Chapter 39: Crushing....
Chapter 38: Violet Qi Cauldron Summoning
Chapter 37: Heaviness-in-Lightness
Chapter 36: The Little Turtle Proclaims Superiority!
Chapter 35: Another Encounter with Xu Baocai
Chapter 34: Crushing It in Plants and Vegetation
Chapter 33: Disqualify Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 32: Heaven-Defying Luck
Chapter 31: Humiliated!
Chapter 30: Bring It On!
Chapter 29: Lightness-in-Heaviness
Chapter 28: Pressure is Motivation
Chapter 27: Th-that's... Bamboo?
Chapter 26: How Were the Spirit Tail Chickens?
Chapter 25: Invincible Iron Skin!
Chapter 24: Who Are You?
Chapter 23: The Chicken-Thieving Fiend
Chapter 22: Don’t Worry, Elder Sister!
Chapter 21: Big Bro Xiaochun....
Chapter 20: Feathers Scattered Abou
Chapter 19: The Legend of the Weasel
Chapter 18: Drawing the Attention of the Crowd!
Chapter 17: Little Turtle
Chapter 16: Meticulously Careful
Chapter 15: Undying Live Forever Technique!
Chapter 14: Third Elder Brother? Third Elder Sister?
Chapter 13: You’re Coming Too!
Chapter 12: On the Bamboo Fence
Chapter 11: Hou Xiaomei
Chapter 10: Elder Brother, Don’t Go!
Chapter 9: Age-Prolonging Longevity-Enhancing Pill
Chapter 8: We're Gonna Go All Out!
Chapter 7: Bonding the Turtle-Wok
Chapter 6: Drunk On Spiritual Energy
Chapter 5: What If I Lose My Poor Little Life?
Chapter 4: Spirit Enhancemen
Chapter 3: Six Lines of Truth
Chapter 2: The Ovens
Chapter 1: I'm Bai Xiaochun
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