The_Crimson_Comics The Crimson Comics
This explains the whole creation of the new 62. The new 62 is the universe where we write all of our characters. If you have any questions about our stories, and what the universe behind them is, than read this. P.S this includes Marvel/dc heroes
HappyFreeWriter Back to Life
A high school girl who died, had her one and only chance to live again given by god. If she couldn't change the situation and solve the case, she will die like she was fated to do. Author's Note This is my own created story and book cover! By the way, the girl in the book cover is my main character!
jachdd Ughl
On Tuesday Morning a 16 year old boy woke up, On his way to school grounds he saw something that led to a massive chain of events!!
Stranger_07 I, Alone Is Enough!
In a world ruled by the strong. A boy suddenly appears!!!! Just how will he survived in this world full of chaos?!?! -------- Original Work. (2019)

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